Associazione Culturale Naonis | Mosaic Young Talent
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Mosaic Young Talent is a creative project addressed to young student artists attending the prestigious ScuolaMosaicisti del Friuli in Spilimbergo, Italy; It aims to give them greater visibility and recognition throughout Italy and abroad. The project entails the participation of graduating students under the age of 35 in an artistic competition that highlights their talents, in exhibitions and events of international caliber.

The eighth edition of the “Icons of Art” exhibition year 2023, presented at the Harry Bertoia Gallery in Pordenone, from 1 June to 2 July 2023, offered the public an exhibition of 50 portraits dedicated to icons from the world of our society, and awarded the young winners of the Mosaic Young Talent 2023 Competition: Alessia Lovato and Arianna Fastro.